Michaela M - I Can Do This.

I have always been active, whether playing sports, being at the gym, or running! After my high school days, I became a running fanatic.  I was training for my third marathon, and was running like crazy, eating like crazy, but was still that “Skinny fat” as they call it.  I needed a change, but something that would also give me that runners high.

At my first job out of college,  everyone from work would tell me all about the CrossFit gym next door, it seemed like a great workout, but I was so intimidated and hesitant to try.  What if I wasn’t good at it??  Well I definitely wasn’t good at it by any means, but by the first day I was hooked! The camaraderie was awesome and I finally found something as crazy as I am!

I definitely was intimidated and didn’t think I would ever be able to do the things I can do now!  My impression changed after day 1 and i have become a member of the “CrossFit Cult!”

I think I have 1 PR that really stands out- hitting 230 Deadlift. And being able to FINALLY string my toes-to-bar!

Right now I’m learning how to do Butterfly Pull Ups! I was inspired to learn them after one of my favorite CFCL experiences, my first CrossFit Games Opens experience!

Mat Frankel