Matti O. - Continuously Progressing

My experience at CFCL has been awesome! The community here is amazing which has made my move down to Boston much easier.

Staying consistent with attendance has been easy for me because I legitimately enjoy coming in and working out with everyone. I look at coming to the gym more as a time to fun and unwind than anything else. I also really love being active and pushing myself physically. The key to getting better at anything is consistency which motivates me to stay consistent with the regular and accessory programming because as long as all the pieces are done correctly with the right intensity, they are only going to make whoever is doing them better.   

The 2016 Open was awesome! My goal going into the Open was to finish inside of the top 1000 men in the North East, which I was able to do. It's a lot of fun to see how you stack up against the rest of the world.

Moving forward my goals are to clean up and improve my gymnastics movements, hit a #225 snatch, continue to be consistent with training, and have fun.

Coach Dan