Nate B. - Crushing Crash B's and Nutrition

Since joining CFCL I have lost 15 pounds and another 10 pounds since doing a Nutrition Program with Mat. I didn't know anything about counting macros before meeting with Mat, so that was all new to me. The biggest thing I learned was that I wasn't eating enough (especially on weekdays). I was definitely skeptical about eating more calories in an effort to lose weight, but after a few weeks I bought in and started seeing results. 

After the 4 weeks working with Mat, I continue to log my food but a bit less diligently. I mostly tend to log breakfast and lunch so that I have a better idea what I should shoot for, calorie and macro wise, at dinner. I've also continued with the habit of eating a big breakfast right after the 5:30 AM WOD and cutting down on beer and wine during the week. 

When I originally heard about Crash B's (a rowing competition held in Boston), I liked the idea of having a specific goal/event to train for. I started having arthritis in my hip a few years ago but prior to that, I played in basketball leagues and ran a lot of road races- I definitely miss the competitive aspect of those things! Training for the Crash B's helped me scratch that itch. Setting my alarm clock for 4:00 AM took some getting used to though. 

The event was awesome! There were rowers from all over the world and it was very well run. I PR'd my 2000 meter row by 11 seconds! I was nervous but after following the extra rowing programming leading up to it, I felt prepared. 

Next, I have toes to bar and handstand push ups as my goals in 2017. I'd also like to hit the 7:00 mark for the 2k row! 

Coach Dan