Steve K. - Rowing 60K After Turning 60

In the world of CrossFit there are lots of numbers: 21-15-9, 300-200-100, 3-2-1…but for me there’s a new number that matters – 60!  Last month I turned 60 and as old as it sounds (and it does sound old), it’s just a number!

I started at CFCL 4-1/2 years ago when my close friend Mike Mufson convinced me we should. It had been 20+ years since I’d worked out, so why not!  We went in to meet Mat.  As underwhelmed as I was with the old box, Mat was very underwhelmed with me.  He’s since told me that he was sure that this overweight, out-of-shape, old(er) guy wasn’t going to make it through the 1st month.  

It’s been an amazing and transformative process for me.  I’ve learned skills and techniques I never knew about…I’ve completed WOD’s I never thought possible…and I’ve put myself into physical shape I never imagined.  6 weeks ago, I started working with Mat on macros and the in-body scan.  Down 8 lbs. and -2% of body fat.  There is something about teaching an old dog new tricks!

I had been dreading turning 60.  30, 40 and 50 were nothing…but 60!  Just before my birthday, Mat challenged me to row 60,000 meters during the next year.  It sounded crazy.  On the day of my birthday, as always, I went to the 6:30am class (6:30 rules!). I was dreading the WOD – a partner WOD, with each running a 200, a 400, and a 600 – 3 rounds.  I hate running – like really hate running.  I completed the WOD, and with all the warm-ups, ran 3 miles.  I felt great!

After the WOD, Rob Parks told me (didn’t ask) that we were going to start on my 60k rowing challenge.  We rowed 2000 meters.  Rob told me that on his 60th birthday he hoped he’d be able to run and row like I did on mine!  That made my day and gave me new perspective on this new age.  It’s old, but it’s great!

My challenge to the CFCL community – join me in rowing 60,000 meters between now and May 3, 2018.  Put your numbers on the “Achievements Board”.  Are you willing to compete with a 60-year-old?


Coach Dan