Alex K. - I'm a Better Skier

I joined CrossFit because I was looking to put on a little bit of muscle to help with high school sports. My dad (Eugene) loved it at CFCL so I wanted to see what all the hype was about.

CrossFit has been great! It gives me amazing results and is a little bit addictive. CFCL has a great atmosphere, great coaches, and great people.

My proudest moment is when I did my first fully Rx workout, which was Annie. I also got my first bar muscle up recently! Now I’m working on handstand pushups to strengthen my shoulders and upper body in general.

I like to ski a lot; CrossFit has helped me strengthen my legs, so I dont get as tired after a long day. I also can hike longer and steeper trails. In baseball, crossfit has made me stronger, which lets me hit for power at the plate. Also, all those squats have payed off when I’m playing catcher. After 3 years of trying out, I finally made the baseball team!