Brain S. - I Ran a Faster Marathon doing CrossFit

I’ve always been pretty good with staying active with soccer, running, and going to the gym…but over the last year or two I noticed my trips to the gym were getting fewer and further between what with getting busier with work and other excuses creeping in.  Noticing that I wasn’t the fastest on the field anymore and with injuries creeping in I knew I needed some structure with my workouts, and even more than that, I needed accountability.  Enter CrossFit…enter CFCL.

I was actually pretty nervous for my first workout at CFCL…on top of being pretty shy and not knowing anybody there, it had been a while since I had done consistent strength training and I knew I was in for a wake up call.  Once I got there though, Cassy and Dan immediately made me feel at home with their positive reinforcement and great coaching cues…I was hooked.  Now, having been here for 4-5 months, the sense of community that I continue to see within these 4 walls is so great and I’ve been able to work with Jenna and Matt, too, which has added to the level of support.  Each coach brings their own style, but backed by so much knowledge and passion that it is hard for it not to be contagious and to get you fired up to become better and better.  Being that I own 2 gyms and have been in the Fitness Industry for 10 years, I have seen a wide variety of coaches, and everyone at CFCL is top notch!

I’ve had a few “Ah-ha’s”, and the best part is that they’ve been with different coaches.  The two that I remember most were 1. Dan helping to coach me on the Clean to get a full hip extension…the next rep I did and the bar literally floated right up.  2. The other week we were working on chest to bar pull-ups and I have been struggling to get the rhythm of the kip for them…Cassie came over and instructed me to change one thing and I am now able to flow right through them…light bulb!

I am a believer that it is important to always be working to improve oneself, so, with that mindset I am looking to keep improving my marathon times.  Additionally, now that it is getting closer to winter, I really want to work on building up my strength in the “off-season” and to be able to do those damn double unders, they’re the bane of my existence right now.

I have to be honest, my marathon training is usually not as long and arduous as most recommend (which I am very fortunate to be able to do), but this time around, it was even easier since attending CFCL 2-3x/wk!  I had been coming for 2 or so months before doing my first training race, and when I got to a hill, I was able to power up it with ease.  The increase in strength AND aerobic capacity made each run noticeably easier, not to mention how quickly I was able to recover, too!  Other great benefits I have noticed are a reduction in knee pain from all of the running and, now this is one of my favorites, I can now keep up with guys 6+ years my junior on the soccer fields…I was starting to feel old!  I’m 31 and am feeling like I am back in my early 20’s, is that cliche to say? Oh well, I don’t care because it’s true!  Thanks to everyone at CFCL for all that you do and for helping me be my best self.

Mat Frankel