Jason A. - CrossFit and Obstacle Course Racing

I was always fascinated with the CrossFit games, but It’s when I was talking to an elite obstacle course racer, Amelia Boone (google her, she’s good!) at the Worlds Toughest Mudder, she told me she didn’t train or run specific to obstacle course races, but did CrossFit every morning.

My first impression, was that it was little overwhelming.  It didn’t make a lot of sense to me from a traditional fitness standpoint. But when the obstacle course season really kicked in, in June, I noticed without doing any running outside of the wods my performance had improved.  (No more 2 hour trail runs).

Right now I’m working on building more strength, doing consistent Double-unders, and Handstand Pushups.

The obstacles in the races have become easier, and my power has improved even late in the races. For example I can get over the walls, jumps, and ropes instead of muscling myself through it much easier.  The obstacles have become less taxing so I can run at a much better pace.

Mat Frankel