Karen D. – I Was Nervous, but now I LOVE it!

I was really bored with my other gym.  I had belonged for YEARS and results were rare.  Sometimes it was really tough just motivate to get there.  And then, one day, I went to a spin class that bored me to near death. I left the class wishing I could reclaim that time.  I knew… my relationship with that gym was over there and I needed a change.  I had heard about CrossFit a lot (mostly from former co-workers) and I had recently watched the games on TV.  They fascinated me.   It was finally the perfect time to check it out. That week I Yelped and Googled every CF gym near me and landed on CFCL.  It seemed to be the most approachable and conveniently located on my way home from work.  Oh and Jen Smith’s brother in law (who I work with now) told me how much she loves the place.

Before, I thought CrossFit was really for elite athletes – someone who was already fit, could run fast, row fast and lift a lot of weights. I did not believe I was athletic enough to try it.  I also believed it was a cult.  I mean why else would so many people be telling me just how wonderful it was.  There had to be something in the Koolaid that was making these people talk.

The boredom with my previous routine and lack of results got to me.  I started with the intro workout with Kevin. It was really tough but I actually loved it. I joined, kept going and realized the people were all really friendly and supportive. They encouraged me to try harder and cheered me on –  especially when I finished last.  I began to realize… CrossFit is for everyone.  I mean, if I can do it anyone can!  And it’s more than just a gym.  It’s a community of great people who appreciate fitness and support others in their goals – fitness or other.

I will never forget the first time I did a box jump on the big box.  I had a feeling it was mental but for almost a year I was doing box jumps on the baby box.  I watched new people come in and get right up on the big one.  Still, I could not bring myself to do it.  And then one night, I just tried it. I went for it and I landed on my feet on top of the box!  Gina Boday saw it happen and was like a proud mama!  She was more excited than I was!  It was an amazing feeling!  I did it!

My goal at the beginning of the year was Toes to Bar.  It was an elusive one.  But I finally got them as February was coming to an end!!! Again a great feeling. Now I’m working on the double under.  I can do maybe 10 and then I fall apart.  I’d like to be about to do 50 in under 2 minutes.

One of my best CFCL memories was the 2014 Holiday party, definitely my fave! From the pictures, it seems we all had a really good time.

Mat Frankel