Kevin P. – Walking Tall

My wife signed me up for CrossFit 2 years ago as a Christmas gift because I was grumpy and worked too much. An old college football buddy of mine had been doing it since it came to the east coast and its all he talked about, so I was always curious.


My first impression was that I was out of shape…. The more I watched others around me, the more I realized I was really out of shape. Many of the movements were familiar from years of football strength training but I clearly needed work on flexibility and my technique was horrible. Every class was a challenge and I always left exhausted. It was awesome. I’m still challenged by those around me an constantly trying to keep up with the younger crew and get better.

I suppose an early crossfit moment was rowing 500m at 1:25.5 with the damper set on 10. My coach said that he had never seen anyone row that time on 10 before. That was the 1st time I thought perhaps  I could be pretty good at this stuff… When I could finally walk again about 20 minutes later I was walking tall.

I’m working on handstand pushups and of course the muscle up that had eluded me for so long, but now I got one!

The best memory at City Line will certainly be finally getting over the rings, but every day there is a good day. I’m excited by any opportunity to post a good time and I gave up being shy about it because seeing other faster times on the board is what always motivated me to work harder.

Mat Frankel