Shelly D. – CrossFit Helped Her Stamina for the Spartan Race

I have never been an athletic person – active but not athletic.  Then last year I broke my wrist which required surgery. I used that as an excuse to not work out and eat and drink excessively.  When I was ready to start working out again, I did not know where to begin but knew I needed more structure than a traditional gym.  My close friend owns a CrossFit box in Cali and she persuaded me to check out a Crossfit near me.

Having visited my friend’s gym I knew that it was going to be intense at CFCL.  Coach Kevin taught the intro class and immediately made me feel at home.  I took the time that day to observe how people interacted during the workout and it seemed that it was a positive environment.  My opinion hasn’t really changed  – I think it was my first week of “official” class (not the intro course) the workout had bar facing burpees which I was sucking wind at.  Jaime Bailey – shoutout! – came over after she finished the WOD and counted my burpees until I finished (gee, thanks Jaime).  I knew this was exactly the environment: the right blend of pressure and encouragement.

My stand out moment, of course, would have to be my first double-under.  I did my first double under about 5 weeks in.  When it happened, I was so shocked that I dropped the jump rope and just stood there. What I really want to accomplish next is getting one pull up done.

The biggest difference that I noticed from my last Spartan Race is my stamina.  This year I was able to run a lot longer,  carry the heavy objects without putting them down multiple times and scale the walls easier. CrossFit helped me build up my core which was extremely weak until recently.  Even though I needed helping knee at the walls, as soon as I grabbed hold of the top I was able to launch myself over.  Since joining CFCL in July I have noticed my body getting much stronger – thanks to all the coaches and everyone for always encouraging me to push my limits.