Mindful Eating 


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When you eat, how often are you stopping and putting your fork and knife down?

On a scale of 1-5, 1 being not at all and 5 being every morsel, how much are you actually tasting your food and enjoying the flavors? 

We subconsciously (and consciously) pair food and eating to certain situations or emotions. It provides certainty when we're stressed. Comfort and condolence when we're unhappy. Social acceptance and purpose when were in unfamiliar situations. 

In this form, we live to eat. Rather then eating...to live. 

Creating physical and mental awareness if these "triggers" is essential. Becoming aware is the first step, setting boundaries is the second. 

How would you treat an important meeting that you cared about?
You'd sit with good posture, pay attention, be mentally present, take moments to breath, think and respond.
Treat your meal times the same way. 
When you sit to eat, even if you're in a rush and only have 5 minutes, put your fork and knife down at least 3 times and chew your current bite until it's gone, then don't eat again for 30 more seconds. Allow yourself to feel the feeling of getting more full. 
For at least 3 bites, focus on the flavors, textures and smell of your food and enjoy it! 

For the next week, start a note on your cell phone and write down where you eat and what activities you're doing when you're eating. If you find yourself sitting on the couch at the end of the day, watching TV but eating carrots...still note that. 

You may not have 30 minutes to sit at the table and slowly eat. That's ok. The goal is to create areas of your home, office, living space that are for eating and others that are for other activities. Rather then having areas that have no boundaries that allow you to possibly sabotage yourself, setting these areas and boundaries will allow you to actually relax, connect with yourself and your intentions AND fully invest on your nutrition. 

*We work with clients remotely, you do not have to be at our facility to follow our program. If you want to lose weight, no matter where you're located we can work with you.