Mindset Training

CrossFit City Line is proud to be a Mindset Rx’d Affiliate Partner! We believe that great mindset (having self-confidence, positivity, and a clear and focused direction) is the key to getting the results we want in the gym.

What are people saying about mindset training and Mindset Rx’d?

"Instead of trying to just 'make it through' something that’s difficult, whether it be a WOD or a difficult week or month at work, I’m determined to seek my full potential in those moments. I now want to see what I can do/who I can be and what I’m capable of, even if it means there are setbacks along the way (and there will be). I’m now able to see that each moment, experience, or event doesn’t have to own me or fully define me and who I am — it’s but one part of my greater story, and I get to choose how it shapes and informs my story."

"I’m actually having fun for the first time in a while...I leave the gym with a sense of pride now, focusing on my accomplishments instead of focusing on how I stack up against everyone else."

"I loved doing the mindset training. It was so helpful in getting past a time when I was feeling very discouraged and down on my performance. It’s helped me improve my life in and out of the gym. I’m finally doing things that I’ve said I wanted to for a long time, but hadn’t made the moves to do prior."