With more accountability and ongoing support our clients have had impressive transformations.

The best results our clients have is when they work with us for enough time to create the result they want.
This 12 week nutrition package is intended for individuals who really want to see a change in their body, health or performance.

We'll find the best system based off of your preferences and daily routine, show you how to have lasting success and work with you weekly to make sure you're on the path to lasting success. 


  • 3 InBody Body Composition Scans ($75 value, FREE) - BMI, Body Fat, Weight, Lean Muscle measure and more! 
  • 1-45 minute initial consultation & 1-45 minute consultation at the end of the program (including body measurements and future planning)
  • Weekly food log review and professional feedback throughout the duration of the program
  • Goal setting and custom nutrition planning
  • Access to the private CrossFit City Line Nutrition Program Facebook Page.
  • Meal Plan Add On Available at any time ($50, 3 different perfectly planned days. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)

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