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Welcome to Watertown! 

We know moving can be tough, especially somewhere brand new. If you don't know many people, have friends or a community to be with it can be rough.
We're more than just a gym. We're a community. A group of friendly, welcoming like minded people who have a ton of fun. And we're literally across the street!
We want to give you the chance to test the community, meet people and get fitter. 
We have a free gift for you below!

Your Gift!

Whether you have any fitness or workout background or not, this community is one that you should at least check out. 
We want to give you the opportunity to see what it's really like. 

Our gift to you is a free 2 week pass into our On Ramp program, normally $129!
To claim your gift and get started, click below. 
Email us and tell us your ready to start and we'll get you set up. 

Want to check it out, ask questions and see if it's for you? Set up a consultation here. Not a workout, no sales gimmicks, an opportunity to see if this is the place for you. 

Our Programs

Group CrossFit Classes

Fun, high energy and effective workouts lead by some of the best trainers in the Boston area. Classes are 1 hour and are the best hour of the day!


Personal Training

Guidance, direction and accountability to make sure you reach the level of success you want. 
Workout solo, with a friend of spouse or group of friends and start with a free consultation. Click below for info.

Nutrition and Weight loss

Have the foods you want AND lose weight. Yes it's possible and it's not a crazy gimmick or scheme. 
Our nutrition programs are customized for YOU. No cookie cutter one size fits all approach. Get results like these!


55+ Year Old Program - Vitality

Vitality is a program for 55+ year old individuals who aren't content to lose their abilities, function, and quality of life through aging. Improve functional movement, strength, flexibility, bone density and coordination. 

Barbell Betty's Womens only weightlifting


Barbell Betties is a weightlifting class designed for WOMEN by WOMEN. Betties who participate in this program will improve their strength, develop toned, lean muscle, and build confidence that they can use both in and out of the gym. This is a fun, supportive environment for women who wan to be STRONG!