- Coach Mat

I got scared this morning.

For the first time in a while I got scared that I was eating too much.

I've been getting consistently more hungry and having less energy for workouts so, following the same CFCL method and system that you're probably familiar with and that we use with everyone, I upped my macros yesterday. Everything went up, but the main macro I noticed go up was carbs.

This morning as I was preparing my food to bring with me for the day I got scared that I was eating too many carbs. Not one thought about protein or fat, but just carbs..the foods that I have heard and told myself (for years) that were unhealthy and made us fat.

I caught myself in my old thinking pattern, "eat less and workout more, it's better. You've been super lean with that before" (even though my performance NEVER got better and I have seen, with others AND myself, that that system does not work for better body composition, performance, life balance and happiness). This same boring and repetitive story that I sometimes tell myself has never lead me to success.

I still had that old thought script run and I got nervous.

I had to take a second to think.

For the last 2 months I have seen better results in my performance and better body composition then any other time I worked out more and ate less...I also feel a whole lot happier while not punishing myself for eating something or not eating something.

Many of us have similar scripts and programmed thoughts about food that hold us back and fill us with doubt. 

Like an angel and devil that sit on your shoulders, we're telling you this works and can show you plenty of examples of others who are crushing it but the little devil voice can sneak in and make you question everything. 

I'm deciding to trust the proven process that we know works. The proof is in the pudding so it's time to take action by taking my attention off my nerves and doubts and put them into executing the plan.

I'm not so scared anymore.