Kids, Teens and Sports Performance Training

If somethings fun, kids are way more likely to do it. And now more then ever it's important that our kids learn and engrain healthy habits. Age appropriate, fun and empowering programs for Kids and teenagers (7-13).

Teenagers want to do what's cool and we'll secretly also give them what's best for them like building self confidence and teamwork skills. Teenagers are different from younger kids and adults, their program will ensure they're safe and in a positive environment, appropriate for them.

We've helped teens prepare for all types of sports; from making it onto the JV team, to getting recruit to play division 1 collegiate sports and club teams. Improve speed, agility, flexibility, coordination and power. 

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Barbell Betty's

Barbell Betty's is a weightlifting class designed for WOMEN by women. Betty’s who participate in this program will improve their strength, develop toned lean muscle, and build confidence that they can use in and out of the gym. The class is lead by Coach Cassi in a fun, supportive environment for STRONG women! 

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Olympic Lifting

Our olympic lifting program has a few goals, to help you gain more confidence with the olympic lifts, gain strength and have better technique. Olympic lifting is two movements, the snatch and clean and jerk. These technical and fun lifts require practice and a good coach to help you develop your skills. 
Experience is not a prerequisite. Anyone can learn to olympic lift. All that's needed is the desire. 

Couch to 5k

Our beginners running program. If you're new to running, interested in running more and learning how to run safely, want to PR your 5k time or are getting ready for a Spartan Race or Tuff Mudder, this is something to check out.