Decoding the Menu


One of the best part about our nutrition program is that you can eat out and not have to make sacrifices, while still following the plan! Eat your favorite foods and don't think twice about it... when you know how our plan works.

Using our strategies to help you decode a menu you can find things that you know will fit into a weight loss plan and easily enjoy a meal out. 

My Fitness Pal Menu Prep
Does the restaurant post their nutrition information online? Look and find out! This is where to start. Check on their website or in your My Fitness Pal, the restaurant info may come up when you search for it! 

Menu Scan
Scan the menu for components and parts of the menu or parts of meals that you can use to build a meal that fits your nutrition guidelines. 

Meal Prep
The words used to describe the food on the menu can be good indicators about what the nutrition in the dish is like. "Fried/Battered" = higher fat. "Cream/Butter Sauce" = higher fat. "Wine Sauce" = carb. "Wing Sauce" = higher fat. These buzz words can help you get an idea of what you're eating. If you're not sure what something is, ask!

Avoid: Crispy, Crunchy, aioli/pesto/creamy dressing, fried/confit, battered, breaded, cheesey
Enjoy: Grilled, baked/broiled, lean, fresh, steamed, poached, lightly seasoned

Side Car
Get sauces, condiments, toppings (cheese, croutons, nuts) on the side so that you can be the one to decide how much of the thing you eat. You may be surprised that a normal restaurant serving of these goodies can be 2-3 times the normal serving amount that you're "budgeting" in your day. 

Menu Swaps
Most restaurants are happy to accommodate dietary preferences and needs now days. If you spot a menu item that is in another dish and want it on your dish instead of something that's written, ask for it! Want chicken, but there' s a cream sauce...see if there's a marinara anywhere else on the menu. If there is, it means that have it in the kitchen. Now, ASK to replace the cream sauce with marinara. See fruit as a side on a different dish but yours comes with toast and home fries...ASK to switch for a side of fruit instead. 

There's No Place Like Home
Eat like you would cook for yourself at home - Would you normally cook your fish or chicken dumped in oil? What about your salads? 1/2 a cup of salad dressing? Choose foods and the way that you eat them at home, when you're out as best as possible. 

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*We work with clients remotely, you do not have to be at our facility to follow our program. If you want to lose weight, no matter where you're located we can work with you.