How To Have Macro Success While Traveling

We know all about traveling while counting macros. We've been there. At first it can seem impossible. "How am I going to do this without a scale, the comfort of my own kitchen, my measuring cups, tablespoons, tupperware containers and prepping?!?!"....shh...take a deep breath.

Follow our 4 easy steps you can do to maintain your macros while traveling. 

Scales now days are a lot easier to carry 

Scales now days are a lot easier to carry 


Get one and bring it with you. They're so small that you can fit it in a travel on no problem and it won't break. You don't have to use it every time you eat but use it if you're eating a meal in your hotel room, at a sit down where there's a buffet and you can measure before eating. If you're saying to yourself "you're crazy I can't do that, they'll think I'm nuts!" you should also ask yourself if you really want the results you're saying you want. You can do anything you want, and if you really truly want results, this isn't all that crazy. 

Get one here. 


The macro numbers that were calculated were calculated based off a few factors including the amount of training and working out you do. 

Wake up early if needed (it’s actually what we suggest!) and get it done because you know that you’ll be proud of yourself for doing it, energized for the day ahead and happy to have stuck to your workout routine. It doesn't have to be the same thing you do daily, mix it up, get creative and have fun with it! 

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You'll feel like a champ!

You'll feel like a champ!



Bring them with you! When planning what to bring, imagine you didn’t have access to food. What would you need? We recommend bringing protein powder for shakes (put 1-2 scoops in a zip lock bag. Make as many bags as you need, we’ve taken 10 bags on our trips before!), RxBars, Quest Bars, beef jerky, Fuel For Fire, tuna packets, and nuts. Bring enough snacks that fit your macros so you would be able to have a “meal” out of them if needed…for multiple days. That’s called planning. Even if you don’t eat your snacks, you can bring them home and have them for a time when you do need them.



Most often you’ll be able to control what you eat for breakfast. Eat what you know you can control and order to fit your macros. Keep it simple. Eat things that you normally would or that you know get you a good serving of protein carbs and fat. If they have extra fruit to take, take some. Stay as “clean” with your food choices as possible because you have the control to!

At a conference ? Call the event organizer ahead of time and tell them you need to know what's on the menu. You can also eat your snacks! 

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Get to a supermarket and stock up on a few essentials. Go to the deli counter and ask for specifically weighted packages of turkey or chicken (4, 4oz packages please!). Get fruit. Veggies like mini cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and peppers. Make a few salads from the salad bar and take them back to your hotel room refrigerator. 

Want to keep it simple? Turkey, rice cakes, fruit and nuts. You've got what you need to hit your macros!