Thursday, October 25 2018

Greg, Brian, Jack.

Greg, Brian, Jack.

Upcoming Events
Halloween Bring A Friend Day!
The final Wednesday of the month is Halloween—start planning your BAF costumes now, we’ll be voting on our faves!

Friendsgiving Brunch! Saturday, November 17th at 12:30PM! Bring your favorite dish to share with the whole gym! RSVP using the sheet linked below!

"Jungle Hopper"
4 Rounds For Time
5 Push Press (185/125 lbs)
2 Rope Climb
50' Dball/Sandbag/Double Kettlebell/Odd Object Carry

Toes to Bar Skill
Complete 3 sets
5 kips + 5 toes-to-bar + 3 knees-to-elbow
Scaled Options:
5 kips + 5 Knees above hip + 3 knees to chest

Rachel Binette