Member of the Month! - Rita Ryan



What was your fitness background before you started at CFCL, and what made you decide to try CrossFit?

I was a D-1 varsity rower in college and I attempted to keep up that level of fitness in law school - which just wasn't attainable with the workload.  So, instead, I tried to workout alone - but just ended up beating myself up at the gym as I didn't know how to work out as a "normal person" and not a rower.  I tried CrossFit for the first time because one of my former teammates told me about her box and what she was doing - it made me realize that with the stresses of school, work, and the bar which are all very specific and isolating stressors - I needed to be back in a team atmosphere and with structure.

What goals are you working on right now?

I'm working on getting my first strict pull-up - it's elusive, but Cassi and I have a plan.

What has been your favorite moment in CrossFit? 

My favorite moment of CrossFit was during the Open in 2017 and I got my first kipping pull up - and then got 10 more.  I had done 5 reps - which were all not high enough - and then it just happened and Gretchen called the rep and I jumped down, hugged her, and did a little dance.  She told me afterward that I was grinning at the pull-up like a fool bar each time I jumped on - it was my most favoritest moment of CrossFit yet.

If you named your fists, what would they be called? 

I'm gonna go with "Notorious" and "RBG" - Justice Ginsburg is my professional hero and she has shown that hard-work, quit wit, and a tireless fight for things were care about can make a difference.

What was the first CD you bought? 

Ace of Base - and I'm not ashamed to admit that a song from that album still makes its way into my running playlist almost regularly

Would you rather live in the ocean or on the moon? Why? 

I would absolutely live in the ocean - the ocean brings me peace and restores my spirit. I also love to dive and surf - so it would be a ton of fun to live so close!

Rachel Binette