Friday, October 4 2019



Columbus Day Schedule
Monday, October 14th
- Classes at 8:30 and 9:30am, Open Gym from 5:30-7:30pm!

CrossFit City Line APPAREL

Men’s and Women’s Sweatpants in Gray or Black. $50/pair. Visit the members Facebook page to see!


Intramural Open! Starting October 11th!

Our Intramural Open is back and begins on October 11 with a Friday Night Lights bang! Much like our Throwdown, ALL levels of experience and fitness are welcome to join in on the fun!


"Runaway Isabel"

On a 25 Minute clock with a partner, partition reps as needed:
60 Power snatches (135lbs/95lbs)
1 Mile run (must be run in 200m increments)
-Then, in the remaining time:
Build to a heavy single power snatch, each

Score = Total time for the snatches and run to be finished and combined load lifted for the heavy power snatches

Coaches’ Note: We have a few classic bench mark plays on tap for today. Double Isabel and a mile run. The loading on Double Isabel should be light, relative for each partner and allow us to perform 5 unbroken reps in a row for at least the first 3 sets with minimal mechanical deviation. After that, fast singles are fine for today. In total, it should not be taking us as a pair longer than 10 minutes to complete. Our mile run is to be run in 200m increments for today. Total time as a pair should not take us over 10 minutes on this as well. Thus, we should have around 10 minutes to each build to a relatively heavy power snatch for the last piece of the workout! Mixed pairs are fine and we can have partners using a different weight and running different distances. The goal is to have fun!

Rachel Binette