Tuesday, October 8 2019



Columbus Day Schedule
Monday, October 14th
- Classes at 8:30 and 9:30am, Open Gym from 5:30-7:30pm!

CrossFit City Line APPAREL

Men’s and Women’s Sweatpants in Gray or Black. $50/pair. Visit the members Facebook page to see! Ordering closes on Saturday, October 11th!


Overtime (pre-workout)
8 Minutes for quality

50 Jumping jacks
10 Inch worms w/push up
10 Jumping air squats
10 Burpee to target
100' Heavy object carry
- can be a Dball, heavy KBs/DBs, or a sand bag

"Push It Good"

For Load:
Push Jerk

Coaches’ Note: Heavy day working on our overhead strength and explosiveness today. The push jerk demands two key points of performance: a rapid, full extension of the hip, and a sound receiving position where the legs are in a quarter squat and the arms are locked out overhead before standing the bar up. Those are our two focus points on the day. Sure reaching a new 2 rep max would be great, but if our mechanics still need to be refined today is the day to improve upon them. Put the ego away today and focus on moving well at loads that challenges our ability but allow for proper mechanics and fundamentals.We should be resting 2-3 minutes between the sets of 6 and 4 and then 3-4 minutes between the sets of 2.

Rachel Binette