Friday, February 22 2019

Who’s excited for The Open!?

Who’s excited for The Open!?

Open WOD 19.1

If you did 19.1 Last night this is your workout for the day!
You’ll warm up with the class and coaches will start your workout at the same time as the first heat.

For Time
AbMat Sit Ups
Kettlebell Swings (53/35 lbs)
EMOTM 20 Double-Unders
Start with Double-Unders
*15 Minute Cap

Double Under Modifications
30+ Unbroken: Rx
10-20 Unbroken: 10
<10, 5 attempts or 30 Singles

After Party:
2 Minute Couch Stretch PER LEG
And accumulate 15 Negative Pull-Ups
Negatives: Jump or pull-up so chin is over the bar. Slowly lower down until arms are fully extended.
If unable to slowly lower, do it as a negative ring row!
Max reps per set: 3

Rachel Binette