Opens Recap! 19.1

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Last week was week 1 of the 2019 CFCL Intramural Opens! A huge amount of people came on Thursday night to do the event right as it was released, it was awesome! Such a great atmosphere and huge energy in the room!

The event was:
19 Wall Balls
19 Calorie Row

This workout was so simple - but not easy (it never is!) and for some it was a little anxiety provoking.
Wall balls.

But that’s the thing about the Intramural Opens, you do things, face challenges, and complete events that you didn’t think you could do. Everyone who completed it was proud that they did. Some even repeated it because they realized they were stronger than they thought and wanted another go!

Weekly Team Winner: Don’t Go Bacon My Heart (Red Team!)
Weekly Team Spirit Winner: With all those people and all that color, signs, hand clapper noise makers…Don’t Go Bacon My Heart
Top Scores
Women Rx: Gabby M (307 reps), Mary P (278), Emily M (250)
Women Scaled: Estefi A (250), Danielle K (211), Elta & Sarah Mac (209)
Men Rx: Lucien C (348 reps), Mat F (344 ), Casey A ( 336 )
Men Scaled: Ross F (248 reps), Brian N (247) , Jesse M (227)

Overall Team Standings
Don’t Go Bacon My Heart - 100
Swole Guacamole - 80
Black Team - 57
Blue Steel - 51

Event day this week: Saturday! All Classes!

What’s the Open? Each week for 5 weeks (Starting last week) a new event is released by CrossFit HQ and people all over the world complete it. It’s CrossFits largest community event and for people who want to compete in CrossFit this is a potential step to do that.

For us here at CFCL, the Open is all about having fun.

The competition side of it isn’t about finding out how you can exercise against the 400,000+ other people worldwide who participate. It is to help the you and the other CFCL athletes  to push to new levels in fitness and accomplish things you’ve been working on and weren’t so sure you could do. The competitive side helps do that.

More so, it’s about community and a way for you to be part of it. Fitness is what we do here, but community is what we build. You can show up and get better at thrusters and pull-ups on your own but it’s much more fun to have people cheer for you, encourage and help you accomplish things you never thought you could and for you to do the same for others all while getting tons of high fives, fist bumps and warm and fuzzy feelings from the CFCL community.

ALL skill levels are participating…there are Rx, Scaled, Teens, and even Masters (50+) versions of the workouts.
You can learn more about what we do each year in the CFCL Intramural Opens below.

And if you didn’t sign up but want to, contact us!

Mat Frankel