Open Event Re-cap, 19.4!

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Week 4 of the Open was a burner! It looked so simple on paper, and we know that the workouts that look simple on paper are the ones that usually sting the most! There were huge performances and some athletes got their first bar muscle ups and pull-ups! It was awesome! 

The event was: 

In 12 minutes: 
3 Rounds 
10 Snatches 
12 Bar Facing Burpees
Then rest 3 minutes 
and in remaining time try to complete: 
3 rounds
10 Bar Muscle Ups (scaled pull-ups) 
12 Bar Facing Burpees 

Pictures coming soon!

You knew when people got their first pull-up ever, or first bar muscle up because everyone in the gym started cheering! It happened at every class and it was so cool to see! The support from each other and encouragement to try and get a pull-up or muscle-up, made a huge difference. Knowing that even if you tried, and failed, you’d still be supported and cheered on, was a huge reason for so many first time achievements. Thank you for supporting each other and making the event day so fun. 

Weekly Team Winner: Don’t Go Bacon My Heart! RED TEAM!
Weekly Team Spirit Winner: Red team! So consistant. Huge team turnout, cheering for each other and total support for each other throughout the event day.

Top Scores

Women Rx: Gabby (103), Cassi (98), Leigh (97)
Women Scaled:  Grace C (132), Stef B (132), LP (132) … 132 is a full workout, they finished it all!
Men Rx:  Lucien (132), Mat F (118), Matt D (117)
Men Scaled: Brian N (132), Pat W (126), Chris Daly (122)

Overall Team Standings
Don’t Go Bacon My Heart - 377
Swoley Guacamole - 377
Black Team - 261
Blue Steel - 229

Rachel Binette