Open Event Recap, 19.5!

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Week 5 of the Intramural Open, the final week! The movements were what many people suspected, but the workout itself…now that was spicy! 

Congrats to everyone who participated in stepping up, embracing challenge and finding the win! 

The event was:

For Time
Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

This was a challenge like few others in the recent past. One of the best parts of the Open is the growth that we get from doing events that challenge us, stepping out of the comfort zone - and being supported in doing that. This event was a physical but more so mental challenge and we’re so proud of all of you who did it. 

This event was a perfect end to this years Intramural Opens. A great showing of how the support you have for each other, the willingness to try and the ability to take a chance and try something challenging because you know your team has your back. 

It’s our hope that you’ll continue to support, cheer, encourage and have each others backs the way you did over the past 5 weeks, every day here. The Open may be over but the spirit of the open will continue. 

Thank you all for being part of this years Intramural Open. 

(Here’s a link to the Facebook Album: )

Weekly Team Winner: Don’t Go Bacon My Heart! RED TEAM!

Weekly Team Spirit Winner: Red team! Another big effort from the red team. The Wall of Proud was a great touch - encouraging others to post a note about what they were proud of from this years Open. That’s the community support that makes this event special.

Top Scores

Women Rx: Cassi (18:05), Gabby (18:39), Leigh H. (203 Reps)
Women Scaled:  Stef B (11:12), Emily M (1133), Andrea W (13:43)
Men Rx:  Casey A (14:37), Mat F (15:16), Matti O (16:31)
Men Scaled: Brian N (14:17), Jay F. (17:06), Tyler S. (17:08)

And the winner of the 2019 CFCL intramural Open is…


3 (10).jpg

1.Don’t Go Bacon My Heart - 471
2. Swoley Guacamole - 464
3. Blue Steel - 272 
4. Black Team - 266

What a year! The red and black team battled back and forth each week, but the red team pulled out all the stops including a bacon and (paleo) pancake lounged one week! Red team took the crown by 7 points! The difference was the attendance of team members on event day and submitting scores. Attending 3 events was a 6 point swing. 

Amazing year everyone! Thank you so much for making it so fun to get fitter! 

Rachel Binette