Monday, March 4 2019

19.1 Aftermath

19.1 Aftermath

"Big Bloated Isabel"
30 Snatches (185/125 lbs)

In teams of 2 you go I go style.
100' Double KB or DB Farmers Carry (heavy)
50' Bear Crawl w/ run back to tag partner

Coaches Note: A twist on the CrossFit benchmark "Isabel", 30 snatches for time.
Today, you will start out doing singles, or at least quickly end up doing singles and that's ok! Don't pull out the cell phone and start checking IG or your FB account, you won't be not working hard and singles doesn't mean you're moving slowly. Today's challenge is to use a weight that maybe, you could do 2 or 3 with, but would then need a considerable break before lifting again. A mental approach would be every 30 seconds try and do 1 rep, if it takes 15 minutes that's fine!

Rachel Binette