The 2019 Spirit of the Open Awards!

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Didn’t this past week feel weird without an Opens event? 

We thought so too and are reminiscing about an amazing 5 weeks with you. 

There were a lot of special moments and some people who demonstrated an extra level of sportsmanship, teamwork and enthusiasm. 

Here are the 2019 Spirit of the Open winners! 

Sarah Conti- The Mission Leader. She repented the CFCL mission throughout the open. Our mission is to build meaningful relationships and an inclusive community that empowers people to improve their lives inside and outside of the gym. She did this with full force. 

Kari Loverro - Queen of the Guacs - She kept the green team strong and fired up each week and was dedicated to her leadership! 

Trent and Rachel - Most Keto Couple - One on Swoley Guacamole, one on Don’t Go Bacon My Heart…and lived in the same household! Bacon and guac…go together like Trent and Rachel! They showed up each week, had a ton of fun and showed how to enjoy the open and focus on enjoying the process and challenge of the events. 

Lindsey Wilson - Shooting Star - She exemplified grit. She pushed herself to do her very best and no matter whether it was rx or scaled she showed a level of determination we wish we could trap in a bottle and give out! 

Ally Wheelwright - Rx Superstar - when she could do it, she tried them! She was smart about stepping up to appropriate challenges and had a fantastic mindset about trying, stepping out of her comfort zone and giving her best effort. 

Nate and Billy (aka Butze and the Beast) - Best Bros - Want to stay accountable? Find a workout buddy. These two are awesome examples! 

Karl Martin - Farthest Moon Shot - Weekly, he cheered for everyone with humility about his own awesome accomplishments like bar muscle ups! He sent his performance to a new level! 

Thanks again for participating in the 2019 Intramural Open! We can’t wait until next year! 

Rachel Binette