A note from Coach Lucien

Hi team, community, friends, family,

I'm writing to say goodbye to all of you, though I hope we will stay in touch! My last day coaching is May 1st, and then I'll be back in the area at the end of May for graduation.

I'm getting married in June down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (Mat and Jenna are coming, I'll make sure to post some silly pictures of them stuffing their faces with crawfish on the CFCL Facebook page.) After that Susanna and I are moving to Charlottesville, Virginia where she's working as an equine veterinarian and I'm playing with a few different opportunities. We're planning to rent a place with a guest room, so any and all of you are welcome to visit anytime! (Just not all at once.) 

I started coaching at CFCL almost two years ago now, and gosh how the time has flown. I still remember when I thought Casey Askeland was a scary Viking monster and Kevin Unger was a god among men. Mat Frankel was an intimidating famous athlete and Rachel Binette was too cool for school and definitely too cool to be my coaching partner. Jon Gilson? I didn't even know what to think of the guy. The company he founded had their name all over our equipment and he rolled around in a Porsche. Now we're all workout buddies, friends, family even – and I've learned they're all just cuddly teddy bears on the inside.

I've dealt with more of you than I care to mention complaining about my country music and giving me death stares when I told you to keep going when you really wanted to stop. We've shared some hugs that you thought went on too long, but I thought weren't long enough. We've seen each other at our best, and at our worst, celebrating marriage, and losing people close to us. Sometimes we would see each other on Monday at 5:00amafter the best weekend you've ever had, and sometimes after no sleep at all because you were working all night. And you know what, every day it's been an honor and a privilege.

I was born ready to be friends with all of you, I never had to work at it. Everyone has been absolutely kind and welcoming from the very beginning. But I'll never be ready to say goodbye, no matter how much I try to use Rachel's mindset training. So let's just hug when I see you. Next time I'm in the area and I drop in I better see you 5:25 and 6:30mornings dancing your butts off and singing your hearts out.

As Winnie the Pooh would say, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

- Lucien


Lucien contacted us while he was preparing and planning to move to Boston to attend Harvard. He emailed and said he loved CrossFit and coaching and helping people and wanted to be part of a community when he moved. From day 1 we knew he was a good person and was going to be a good fit but over the last 2 years he’s shown us he was a great fit; a role model, friend, teacher and leader. 

We are so thankful for the care he has given to the CFCL community. We know he is going to go on and do amazing things and we expect he will start any business meeting, conference  call and video chat with a  loud and proud “Born Ready!” chant. 

Thank you Coach Lucien! 

Mat Frankel