Sunday, April 28 2019



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Olympic Lifting Clinic with Coach Eddie - Saturday, May 18th!
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1. CrossFit Warm Up: work on your basic skills!
2. Ski Erg Technique

"Cross Country"
10 minutes: As many rounds and repetitions as possible of:
10/8 calorie ski erg
30 air squats

*Coaches Note: Every time we utilize the CrossFit Warm Up, it is an opportunity for all of us to improve upon the basics. Classically, it features 3 rounds of 10-15 reps each of: Air Squats, Push ups, Pull ups, Sit ups, Hip Extensions, and Sampson stretches. For those still needing to better these areas, use all 3 rounds to focus on these. For intermediate athletes, use the below graduated warm up to mix and match to progress in areas that need work, and strengthen those skills you are already strong in. For those athletes with more experience, utilize this as a graduated warm up, progressing in the following manner if able:

Air squat - Front squat - Overhead squat
Push up - Ring dip - Strict handstand push up
Pull up (strict) - Chest to bar (kipping) - Strict ring muscle up(or transition)
Ab-Mat sit up - :30 L-Sit hold variation - GHD sit up
Hip extension (banded good morning) - Back Extension - Hip and back extension (all on GHD)
Sampson Stretch - Overhead walking lunge (PVC) - Overhead walking lunge (bar)

Rachel Binette