Monday, April 29 2019



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Olympic Lifting Clinic with Coach Eddie - Saturday, May 18th!
Keep your eyes peeled for registration information!

Warm Up
With a partner, 3 rounds each, 30 second efforts
Partner 1: Assault Bike, HARD for calories
Partner 2: 1 push up + 5 count plank hold for all :30

1. GHD Sit up, scaling options, and practice
2. Strict handstand push up, scaling options, and practice

"Midline Madness"
5 Rounds for time
20 GHD Sit ups
10 Strict Handstand Push ups

Cool Down

Our goal today is to increase your familiarity with the GHD, or Glute-Ham Developer. It is an awesome piece of equipment that helps us develop the strength and awareness our midline, or core muscles - specifically the abdominals in the front, spinal erectors in the back, and our hip flexors. The moves we perform on it also pack a potent physical punch, so it is important that we scale correctly given our current fitness level. At the end of today, we will ensure you are scaled correctly on the movements associated with the GHD to help you improve strength and awareness of your midline.

Rachel Binette