Tuesday, April 30 2019



Warm Up
”Every Day Warm Up”
Coach will lead you through this. Commit to memory and use it at home!

1. Rope Climb Technique
2. Cycling Wall Balls

"Full Send"
For time:
100 wall balls (20lbs/14lbs)
 10 Rope climbs (15 feet)

Accessory/Cool Down
3 attempts: Max L-sit hold (rest as needed)
Banded Leg Curls - 3x20
1 minute each leg holding couch stretch

The goal today is to literally “Send it” or go for a huge unbroken set of wall balls right off the bat. When in doubt, modify to a lighter weight in order to complete at least 35 in a row, unbroken after the call of “3-2-1 GO!” For newer athletes that are not accustomed to a high volume of wall balls like this, don’t worry we will have plenty of great scaling options to get you the workout stimulus you need!

Rachel Binette