Friday, April 5 2019

Big Ben

Big Ben

Barbell Betties!

Barbell Betties is back in action starting on April 29th! This round will be a small group led by Coach Rita, assisted by Coach Cassi, and spots are filling fast! To register, click the link below and to read more, click here. Still have questions? Email Coach Cassi directly at

In 8 Minutes:
Row 600/500m
50 CTB Pull-Ups
Max Rep Clean and Jerk 155/105 in remaining time

Rest 8 Minutes

Get as far as possible in 10 Minutes

2 Toes to Bar
1 Strict Handstand Push Up
4 Toes to Bar
2 Strict Handstand Push Ups
6/3, 8,4/ 10/5 etc.

Rachel Binette