Thursday, May 2 2019



Warm Up
CrossFit Warm up, 3 rounds x 10 reps
(Refer to Sunday 4/28/19 for progression and the “why” behind this)

1. Snatch progression
2. Dumbbell snatch loading

7 minutes, as many repetitions as possible of:
Alternating dumbbell snatches (75/50)
at the top of each minute, perform 5 burpees
*Workout courtesy of Icon Athlete

With a lifting buddy:
10 minutes to build to a heavy 3 repetition hang power snatch

Today is a gut-check, plain and simple. The weight should be a little heavier, but not so much that it is the limiting factor keeping us from moving. Don’t let the short time-frame fool you - you should be going fast throughout the workout, relative your current fitness level. It’s usually the short workouts that pack the most serious stimulus!! Let’s get fit!

Rachel Binette