Tuesday, May 21 2019



Upcoming Events

June 7th - Ladies Night with Coaches Cassi and Abby!

Themed playlist, wine, kick ass bootcamp and bring a friend! WHAT COULD BE BETTER?

June 8th - Bro Sesh with Coach Eddie!

Join us for an awesome day of lifting and fitness. All are welcome, no matter your fitness level. Please behave through June 7th so the ladies let you come play, and don't say no to watching the kids when they have ladies' night.

Saturday, June 22nd - Mindset Rx’d Seminar with Coach Rachel
This event sells out quick! If you’re ready to take your training, your nutrition, and your life to the next level, this introduction to modern mindset work will kick you into high gear!


Power Clean and Jerk
10 minutes to build to a heavy 3 repetition lift


For load:
Unbroken Clean and Jerk
*rest as needed between sets

Coaches Note: Today is an old-school, classic CrossFit weightlifting benchmark. The goal today is to hold onto the bar when you don’t want to!! Each rep in each of our sets needs to be touch and go with no pause at the ground. The weight needs to stay the same across all sets. Pausing at the hang position will be allowed as long as hands remain on the bar. Rest between sets should be between 3-5 minutes to allow your grip to fully recover. Make no mistake, we want a max effort attempt for each set. For athletes newer to this movement, we will scale load accordingly to ensure we are reinforcing proper mechanics. For our veteran members who have completed “Grace” (30 clean and jerks for time (135/95) our goal will be to come close to that weight by either a few pounds below or above. Have fun with this one and make sure you bring your log books to record your score!

Rachel Binette