Free Nature versus Bound Nature

  • Quiet Confidence

  • Gratitude

  • Present and Focused

  • Clarity

  • “I’ve got this.”

  • “I love this.”

  • “Sh^t happens.”

  • Energy

  • Lightness

Have you ever trained feeling and thinking these things? This is what training in “Free Nature” is.

Free Nature is how we achieve a flow state. It’s when we’re “in the zone.”

The opposite of Free Nature is Bound Nature.

  • Anxiety

  • Jealousy

  • Embarrassment

  • Frustration

  • Sadness

  • Apathy

  • “I hate _________.”

  • “I suck at this.”

  • “Everyone else is better than me/judging me.”

  • “Why can’t I do this?”

  • Heaviness

  • Lethargy

Any of these sound familiar when it comes to training, nutrition, career, relationships? These are all symptoms of Bound Nature.

When we’re in Free Nature, we have clarity on why we are doing what we’re doing, how it fits into our life in general—we’re acting in accord with our values.

Self-sabotage comes from Bound Nature.

Earlier this week, you wrote down the self-sabotaging behaviors you most want to change. Today, write down the thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations that accompany the behaviors you want to change. This knowledge and awareness will translate into noticing Bound Nature before the behavior occurs that we want to change. By learning the other symptoms that accompany the behavior, you’ll learn to recognize when you’re in Bound Nature and will be able to re-direct your energy towards more productive behavior that is in line with your goals.

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Rachel Binette