Thursday, May 9 2019

Ashley Z.

Ashley Z.

Running with an odd-shaped object

"Good Company"
10 rounds for time, with a partner. You go, I go:
200 meter sandbag hill run (75 lbs. /50 lbs.)
Rest 1 minute after every 2 rounds (1 round each partner)

Coaches Note: This is the second gem from the 2009 CrossFit Games season. This was one of the workouts at the original Games location, “The Ranch” in Aromas, CA. This is definitely a fun one that you will not want to miss because you will have some built in rest as you are doing this with a partner. Do not fear the weights above - we can scale this down to any object in the gym like a lighter medicine ball, or even a plate if needed. Our goal is to go outside our comfort zone and do something different today. Let’s go!

Rachel Binette