Sunday, June 2 2019



Upcoming Events

June 7th - Ladies Night with Coaches Cassi and Abby!

Themed playlist, wine, kick ass bootcamp and bring a friend! WHAT COULD BE BETTER?

June 8th - Bro Sesh with Coach Eddie!

Join us for an awesome day of lifting and fitness. All are welcome, no matter your fitness level. Please behave through June 7th so the ladies let you come play, and don't say no to watching the kids when they have ladies' night.

Saturday, June 22nd - Mindset Rx’d Seminar with Coach Rachel
This event sells out quick! If you’re ready to take your training, your nutrition, and your life to the next level, this introduction to modern mindset work will kick you into high gear!


Build to a heavy 5 Rep Deadlift
10 minutes to pick something up, and then put it back down again because it’s heavy!

12 minutes, As many rounds and reps possible:
60 Double unders
20 Dumbbell deadlifts (50lbs/35lbs)

Coaches Note: We are looking for consistent movement with little rest during and between movements today. Ideally, if scaling correctly we should be between 7-10 rounds total. Let’s use today to challenge ourselves with our double unders - we will have some specific guidelines to keep you working on your skill in this movement during the workout! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

Rachel Binette