Wednesday, June 12 2019



Saturday, June 22nd - Mindset Rx’d Seminar with Coach Rachel
This event sells out quick! If you’re ready to take your training, your nutrition, and your life to the next level, this introduction to modern mindset work will kick you into high gear!


"Austin Powers"

For time:
21-15-9 reps
Handstand push up
Front squat (135lbs/95lbs)

Build to a heavy 3 - rep front squat in 10 minutes

Coaches note: Higher skill mixed in with some raw strength. This should be a faster effort today with a goal of sub 10 minutes for whatever it is we are scaling to. Our front squats should be unbroken as the load is light relative to ability, and the handstand push ups can be done kipping so a higher volume should be within our means if we are going RX. If we are working towards our first handstand push up, our scaling options will mimic the overhead press in some fashion today. Afterwards, we’ll load the bars up and do a few sets of heavy-ish front squats for 3 reps each time.

Rachel Binette