Monday, June 17 2019

Calm before the storm….

Calm before the storm….

Saturday, June 22 - Mindset Seminar with Coach Rachel Binette
If you’re ready to take your training, your nutrition, and your life to the next level, this introduction to modern mindset work will kick you into high gear!

Monday, July 1st - - Free Trial "Sweat Class" at 8PM!
A no barbell, metcon style workout with Coach Abby! Spots will be limited, check the front desk for sign-up!


For Load:
Push Jerk

For time
50 ab-mat sit ups

Coaches Note: Happy Monday squad! No better way to start the week than throwing around some heavy weights and hitting some PR’s. If you come to the gym early today, we suggest utilizing the Cross-over Symmetry bands in the back and following the “Activation” exercises and reps to get your overhead position ready. Also to note, you can see above the “Overtime” work - this is optional accessory work to be done post workout apart from class. It will always be short (less than 6 minutes total) and is NOT replacing the “Daily Accessory” - just a fun piece to get a little extra in if you want!

Rachel Binette