Saturday, June 22 2019

Bump it!

Bump it!

Monday, July 1st - - Free Trial "Sweat Class" at 8PM!
A no barbell, metcon style workout with Coach Abby! Spots will be limited, check the front desk for sign-up!

Barbell Betties!
It’s back! Our SUMMER Betties session will be starting on July 15th! We will now be offering Barbell Betties and Barbell Betties Plus! Check out the links below for details!

"Ricky Bobby"
For time:
1000 meter row
100 Double Unders
1 Mile run

Coaches Note: Faster version of the 2014 CrossFit Games workout, “the Triple 3’s.” This will take us somewhere in between 20-30 minutes today. If the distances are intimidating, fear not. As always, we have plenty of modifications available to get you an awesome workout in. Think Ricky Bobby and “Go fast” today. If you come to the gym early, get your ankles, calfs, and hamstrings warmed up and ready rock! Let’s start the weekend off right!

Rachel Binette