Monday, June 24 2019

9am stretches it out.

9am stretches it out.

Monday, July 1st - - Free Trial "Sweat Class" at 8PM!
A no barbell, metcon style workout with Coach Abby! Spots will be limited, check the front desk for sign-up!

Barbell Betties!
It’s back! Our SUMMER Betties session will be starting on July 15th! We will now be offering Barbell Betties and Barbell Betties Plus! Check out the links below for details!

20 minutes, as many rounds and reps possible:
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air Squats

Coaches note: Classic CrossFit benchmark. We have been working a lot on our pull ups and push ups the past month. Today, we are going to put them to the test! This workout is legit so make sure that if you come in a little early, you give your lats and hips some love before jumping into this one. Our goal for pacing today is “go-go-go.” Bring it on Monday!

Rachel Binette