Sunday, July 28 2019



Upcoming Events

Tuesday, July 30th - Adult Surf Night in Hampton, NH
6pm-7:30pm, Email to join!

Sunday, August 4th! Bar Muscle Ups and Handstand Walking Clinic with Coach Dan!
Are these two skills on your list of wants this year? Don’t miss this awesome clinic with Coach Dan Melzar!


Saturday, August 10th! CFCL Social!
Meet us at 3pm at Mighty Squirrel in Waltham!

Tuesday, August 13th 8pm - Free SWEAT Class with Coach Abby!
Sign up at front desk!

EMOTM - 21 minutes

Minute 1: 15 Ab-mat sit ups
Minute 2: :25 GHD plank hold
Minute 3: 50' Dball carry - heavy

Coaches Note: Our goal today is to work on our midline or core strength. If our core is not as strong as it can be, our other movements will also be less proficient. This every minute on the minute is designed to give us approximately 20-30 seconds of work with :30-:40 of rest. We can all start at different stations as well so that all of us get time under tension on the GHD and with the Dballs!

Rachel Binette