Thursday, August 1 2019



Upcoming Events

Sunday, August 4th! Bar Muscle Ups and Handstand Walking Clinic with Coach Dan!
Are these two skills on your list of wants this year? Don’t miss this awesome clinic with Coach Dan Melzar!


Saturday, August 10th! CFCL Social!
Meet us at 3pm at Mighty Squirrel in Waltham!

Tuesday, August 13th 8pm - Free SWEAT Class with Coach Abby!
Sign up at front desk!

“11.3 v2”

5 Minute AMRAP
Squat clean thruster (165lbs/110lbs)
- rest 3 minutes
10 minutes to build to a heavy single:
Squat clean thruster
*score = number of reps and heaviest load lifted

Coaches’ Note: The 5 minute AMRAP is an old CrossFit Games Open workout from 2011. The goal is to move a moderately heavy load with a high heart rate. Think of the Double Grace workout last week, but a little bit heavier and with a squat. Loading wise today, if you have been on the fence of whether to go a little heavier, today is definitely a good time to do that. Get outside your comfort zone (proper mechanics still being maintained) today on this one! Afterwards, we will rest 3 minutes and then build to a heavy single since we will be very warmed up and our body will primed to lift.

Rachel Binette