Sunday, August 11 2019

Coach Eddie.

Coach Eddie.

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For time:
Dumbbell power clean (50lbs/35lbs)
Deficit dumbbell push ups

Coaches Note: This one is going to be a burner. Complementary movements in the clean and push press, meaning we can go hard and fast for longer because we are not constantly taxing the same muscle group in each movement. Nothing better than a push-pull workout!! That said, the intent today is not to rest for very long. The loading on the dumbbell should be light, relative to our ability and theoretically let us go unbroken during the workout. However, 2-3 quick sets to save the grip are acceptable. The range of motion in the push up is going to be a little bit deeper. Therefore, some strategic rest and maintaining 3 quick sets through the workout is what we are looking for. The loading in our dumbbell power cleans and the rep scheme we chose for our push ups should reflect that.

Rachel Binette