Monday, August 12 2019

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TOMORROW! 8pm - Free SWEAT Class with Coach Abby!
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 3x10 Seated Dumbbell Press
This will be part of the warm up and does not need to be very heavy. Quality of movement and maintained midline stabilization is the goal. It is going to help set us up for success in our heavy lifts today. Look to go a little heavier each set and rest 1 -2 minutes between sets, max.

“Press Series”
5 Sets for load:
1 Press
3 Push Press
5 Push Jerk

Coaches Note: Starting the week off by focusing on our pressing strength!! In this session, we are going to progress through all the movements in the press series starting with the most simple and raw strength based towards the more complex and technical movements. The reason the rep count increases is that in the push press we start utilizing the hip to put momentum into the bar which gives us more power and ability to lift more weight. In the push jerk, we use gravity to our advantage to get under the bar and then use the strength of our legs to lift it to standing rather than our relatively weaker shoulder and arm muscles.

Rachel Binette