Tuesday, August 13 2019

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In 10 minutes, build to a heavy 5 deadlift
We are not aiming for a 5 rep max here, just something heavy for 5 that goes about 10-20lbs over your game weight! We should be getting no more than 5 total sets in and resting maybe 2 minutes at most between sets

"Hamburger Hill"

4 Rounds for time:
600 meter hill run
6 Deadlifts (375lbs/255lbs)

Coaches Note: Today we are going to tackle some 600m hill runs which we haven't seen in a while. We will want to hold a steady pace going up the hill and then stay quick but controlled on the way back down. The deadlift weight should be a heavy weight but still something we could theoretically perform for 6 unbroken reps. However, that is not the intent for today and fast singles are what we are looking for. There should not be more than 10 seconds of rest between each rep throughout the workout. In terms of total time, we should not be on the deadlift bar for more than one minute.

Rachel Binette