Sunday, August 18 2019

Are you accumulating your GHD sit-up variations?

Are you accumulating your GHD sit-up variations?

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Saturday, September 21 - CFCL Internal Throwdown!

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“400 meter Sandwich”
3 Rounds for time:
15 Chest-to-bar pull ups
400 meter run
15 Deadlift (225lbs/135lbs)


2 rounds for quality:
30 banded good mornings (light)
30 banded bicep curls (light)
30 banded tricep extensions (light)

Coaches Notes: Our workout today sees some upper body and lower body pulling broken up by a run in between. The distance, rep scheme, and loading is designed to keep us moving the entire workout with minimal rest. If we are looking to perform the written number of chest to bar pull ups, we need to be able to complete them unbroken, if we were asked to. However, in the workout, we should be breaking them up into no more than 3 quick sets with less than 10 seconds of rest between them. The 400m run shouldn't be taking us over 2 minutes, and the deadlifts should be a moderate weight that we can complete either unbroken or in two quick sets during the workout.

Rachel Binette