Tuesday, August 20 2019



Upcoming Events!

Saturday, September 7th - Accountability Kick-Off with Coach Jon!
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Saturday, September 21 - CFCL Internal Throwdown!

One of our favorite events of the year! Beginners, intermediate, and advanced CrossFitters on ONE TEAM, having a BLAST!


Overtime (pre-workout)
5 Minutes for quality:
5 Hip Thrusts off the floor (moderately heavy)
10 medicine ball cleans
- We are going to learn a new skill prior to the workout, the hip thrust and thus we will be focusing on executing the proper mechanics for when we perform more of them in the future
- Total number of sets should be 4-5 total in this piece

“Clean Heavy”
For Load:
Squat Clean
- hands stay on the bar for all sets

Coaches Notes: Heavy Day!!! We are going to get our OLY on today and focus on the squat clean. Rest is going to be key today. Each rep in each set should be an event. Even though we are not resetting our position in the multiple sets, our full attention and effort needs to go into those sets. The goal is to get close to, or surpass our previous 1 Rep Max - so don't rush it. The coaches will be calling out the rest between our first two sets so we are all on the same page on this. Our fist few sets should have 2:30-3 minutes of rest between them. Then when we get into the sets of 1, closer to 4-5 minutes. The goal on the way back up the ladder is to stay at the same weight as on the way down, or go slightly heavier! Slap some chalk on your face and let's go crush some cleans!!

Rachel Binette