Wednesday, August 21 2019



Upcoming Events!

Saturday, September 7th - Accountability Kick-Off with Coach Jon!
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Saturday, September 21 - CFCL Internal Throwdown!

One of our favorite events of the year! Beginners, intermediate, and advanced CrossFitters on ONE TEAM, having a BLAST!


Overtime (pre-workout)
10 Minutes to build to a heavy 2 push jerk
- Goal is to perform about 4-5 sets
- We are not going for a 2 rep PR, just something heavy that will make our game weight feel lighter
- Rest about 2 minutes between each set

"Flex and Press"

For Time:
30 GHD Sit ups
30 Handstand push ups
30 Toes to bar
30 Push jerks (135lbs/95lbs)

Coaches Notes: Classic chipper format on our workout today as we will be one and done for each movement! The movements are a little more complex by design and their functions also alternate as to not completely over-tax us before going into the next movement - which means we should be able to move a little faster. In terms of total time on each movement, it should take us no longer than 1 minute to finish the GHDs, 3 minutes to finish the handstand push ups (which we can kip), 3 minutes to finish the toes to bar, and 3 minutes to finish the push jerks as the load on the push jerks should be light, relative to our ability.

Rachel Binette